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1. AUDITION - The first step in being considered for summer tour is to send in an audition tape to the Southern California [main] office. This is our headquarters and the location where you will be sending all Tour related information. For your Video Audition, we suggest you pick a song that will make you look and sound good, and send it in on a tape, disc, or provide us with a link to your video.

2. CONFIRMATION – When your audition has been accepted, the next step will be to return your agreement form (signed by you and your parent or guardian), along with your Tour Deposit. This is non-refundable.

3. PREPARATION – The next step will be to begin your preparation. We’ll send you several books to read and music to begin learning. You may actually view some of our choreographed songs on YouTube at newamericasingerstv. Preparation is key. There are two reasons we are able to take you on an international tour at about half the actual cost: (1) Our hosts value our commitment and thorough preparation so much that they cover tens of thousands of dollars of expenses for us. Obviously, we must be trained and ready. (2) Our adult leaders are volunteers. We pay our share of the trip just as the Singers do.

4. COMMUNICATION – We will be in constant contact with you, sending you weekly information and preparation material, helping you raise your Tour funds, etc. Be sure to check your e-mail every couple of days, as things change and begin to move very quickly as Tour time nears. There is so much to know and learn. Feel free to e-mail or call any time you have questions. Keep on top of your reading, and be sure to meet all deadlines.

5. PARTICIPATION – If you live in California, we have groups doing concerts in the Los Angeles and Stockton areas. You can get some good experience, learn some music, polish some choreography, meet some future Tour kids, and get a good head start singing with one of these teams. Concert dates will always be announced on e-mails and posted on our website at

6. FINAL PREPARATION - At Rehearsal Camp, you will learn more about our programs, music, choreography, public speaking, meeting and sharing with new friends (within the group and friends from other cultures) than you ever believed possible! This intensive training will continue as we do nightly concerts on the West Coast, using the daytime to continue learning and polishing up our various programs. And, of course, your world will be greatly expanded as we continue studying and learning “on the road” overseas as we sharpen our skills and learn to handle situations as they arise.

Please send all Tour related information to our Southern California [main] Office [Video Auditions, Paperwork, Etc.]. For all other questions you may contact your local area Directors. They are always willing to take time to talk or arrange a meeting.

AGE LIMITS: 15 - 23 for overseas, 13 - 23 for U.S. West Coast Tour

NAS Tour Application - Click to download

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