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       Picture Yourself in the New America Singers!

Like to sing, dance, use drama or puppetry to entertain and inspire? Do you want to see the world, have the time of your life with talented guys and girls your age who love Jesus and will become friends for life? Do you have a burning desire to love people and let the Lord use you to give them a real chance at life? Then you are the kind of person we want in the Singers! For overseas tours, we prefer High School and College students ages 15 - 22. For monthly concerts during the year and for short West Coast tours in the summer, we also invite Jr. High students. Stretch your performance skill, stretch yourself spiritually, and develop into a leader who will make a positive impact on your community. There’s a world that needs love...you can share it. There’s a world that needs Jesus...you can love people to


   During the year the Singers present monthly concerts in churches and military bases in both Southern and Northern California (no cost involved).  There are no auditions to be a part of these groups...just show up, learn the music, and have fun!

Send audition videotapes and letter of recommendation from a pastor to:

New America Singers
1549 Bellefontaine Dr.
Riverside, CA 92506

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