Since 1970 the New America Singers have trained over 3,000 bright, talented, caring young people to be positive “world changers.” We provide professional level programs featuring our fully choreographed “show choir,” combining music, dance, drama, and puppetry...but we are so much more than a musical production team! We build future leaders, role models, men and women of character who are enthusiastic about making our world a better place. Sometimes we also provide sports camps, basketball teams, construction teams, or teach English classes...whatever the need at the time.

In Public Schools we feature secular programs of up-beat popular music and dance, and stress the need to make “good choices” about drugs, alcohol, pre-marital sex, hard work, responsibility, and good citizenship.

For Military Bases and Theme Parks we furnish programs ranging from secular to patriotic to religious...entertaining, encouraging, and inspiring...and lots of fun!

For International Conferences, Christian Schools and Churches we are what you would expect...unapologetically Christian! Our message is clear: Jesus loves you, He can change your life, and give you a life worth living in this world and a life with Him forever. As with our school programs, the audience will be “hooked” from the first song ‘til the last, and still wish for more! The music, choreographed by legendary Hollywood choreographer Alex Plasschaert, is alive with excitement...never a dull’ll laugh, and cry, be inspired and challenged...and your people of all ages will walk out different people than when they came in!

The Singers have shared their happy, positive music with audiences throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Poland, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Zimbabwe, China, Korea, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. In Public Schools, Conventions, Military Bases, Theme Parks, Civic Meetings, Cultural Centers, or Churches...they are always met with enthusiasm...and always asked to come again! Our singers have moved out to become leaders in government, education, sports, professional music, business, missions and ministry...all people making a difference!

New America Ministries